Balance Your Body & Master Your Mind

You are unique. Your challenges are unique. Therefore, it only makes sense that your support & solutions are UNIQUE. Far beyond that of a cookie-cutter wellness program, swipe the graphic below to skim just the surface of what you'll learn.


Identify What Makes You, YOU

In Ayurvedic practice, constitution is the theory that we all fit into a category of mind, body, and personality. Gaining insight into what makes us truly unique allows us to recognize what is in imbalance, and tailor our daily choices to suit our needs…

Here, you’ll understand new things about yourself for the very first time (ranging from your habits (wanted and unwanted), thoughts, likes, dislikes, and decisions (from nutrition and movement, to relationships, mindset, and spirituality).

Derek P.

I finally have true steps and processes that I'm following. Because of this program, I've noticed a real decrease in my depression, and I'm able to stay ahead of anxious thoughts before they spiral. I'm doing things that MY body and mind need, and not just things I think I should be doing.

Jennifer F.

I began Heather's program really needing a plan and accountability to make both life and health changes. Heather's energy and heart is SO uplifting and after even just a couple of weeks I noticed improvements in my whole body health and ability to self reflect.

Emily B.

I finally feel in control of my life again. Having Heather to provide structure and help guide me has been everything. Feeling listened to, understood, and encouraged but not pressured has made ALL the difference. If you're thinking of doing a coaching program with Heather... all I can say is DO IT!

2 Month Program Rooted in Mind/Body Health

Guided Self-Growth Study Materials

8 x 45 Minute 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions

Support Between Sessions

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