I’ve been honored to support some amazing human beings and am deeply grateful for their willingness to share their experiences. Scroll below and see what some of my previous clients had to say.

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Meet Gabby M.

"I started working with Heather to find self-confidence, gain my voice back, and begin trusting myself. Everything has changed for me since this program. I am now more self-aware of my emotions, and I’ve learned how to respond instead of react. I’ve learned how to be ritualistic in meditation, journaling, breathwork, and self-discovery, and I recognize that these practices for me aren’t selfish but a huge part of my health. Heather makes it so easy to just be me and work on myself. She gives me so much guidance and wisdom that I want to soak every last moment up."

Meet Chrissy L.

"I have never worked with a wellness coach and had no idea what to expect, but all I can say is I am SO glad that I met and have worked with Heather. I was in a place full of sadness, anxiety, self-doubt and indecisiveness. Working with Heather has given me the ability to see that I can work through this pain and have the tools to manage these moments in life. The thing I looked forward to the most each week were my sessions with Heather. Heather helped me understand that it is ok to not be ok. She helped me reframe my thoughts to see that being in this space of unknown is healthy and can bring light to the dark. After just 8 weeks working with Heather I made a huge decision and I am so proud of myself for being able to make that decision. I am still in progress of healing, but I feel happiness, joy, self-love, compassion and desire again. Heather is an incredible, knowledgable, understanding, and compassionate woman. I am forever grateful to have found Heather and take what I learned to keep with me forever."


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Meet Lindsay P.

"I am forever grateful for my experience with Heather! I started working with Heather to gain a better understanding of who I am, and who I’m becoming. From someone who has tried so many different avenues of therapy, doctors, and spiritual/self-guided care, this has made such a positive impact on my overall well-being. Heather has been such an asset to my growth and I say that because with her guidance I truly feel that I have the tools and motivation to make these realizations, changes, and implementations on my own (with her by my side of course)! This program and her guidance has really instilled a great sense of pride and excitement in me and how I have evolved during this time. I am thankful for all the growth I have made and looking forward to the ways what I’ve learned will support me as I continue."

Meet Ky T.

"Before working with Heather I was struggling with feeling purposeless and lost in my work, in my marriage, in myself, and in my healing. Now I feel more confident, more content, and more resilient. Heather created a safe space for me to be vulnerable and was gentle in her approach. The accountability was present but didn’t feel harsh or shameful. The invitation of possibilities in our sessions reached further into my daily life and goals. I appreciated the actionable steps to help me towards my goals without overwhelming myself. When Heather says she will meet me where I am, she absolutely meant it and embodied that."

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Meet Amanda G.

"I started working with Heather to tap into better tools and resources for self-love, body acceptance, and decreasing overwhelm. I feel like I can finally give myself permission, release myself from expectations, and I'm even more patient with my kiddos now. If someone is out there and thinking of doing this I have to say that everyone owes it to themselves to honor themselves enough to dedicate time to their self-improvement and growth. We can do a lot of self-learning, sure, but having Heather to hold the space and guide the growth is so much better and deeper than trying to do it solo."

Meet Erika H.

"Before working with Heather, let's just say the struggle was so real. I was struggling with many aspects of my health, including unhappiness in my job, chronic pain, anxiety, constant worry, perfectionism, and confidence. These struggles seeped into all aspects of my life and were affecting me on a mental, physical, and emotional basis. I honestly feel like a new woman.


This is truly the best I've felt in I don't know how long. I cannot say enough great things about Heather. She has changed my life in so many ways and I will forever be grateful for her and this program and for the time and dedication that she puts into it. It's been a full year since I started working with Heather, and I have grown in ways I never knew I could. I have learned about myself and my strength. I have learned to be patient with myself and to love myself in a way I never knew I could. I have learned self-care practices that I will bring along with me for life. I have learned to be present and not dwell on the past or the future. I have learned that I'm way more of a bad ass than I ever imagined.


I'm stronger and happier and more grounded. My heart is so full. Heather has had a lasting impact on my life and I can't wait to continue working with her into this new year."

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Meet Emily B.

"Before working with Heather, I was struggling with feeling like I didn't have a purpose, feeling like I wasn't contributing enough, difficulty controlling my anxiety and runaway thoughts, lack of focus, and overall lack of motivation. I was feeling like I didn't know my own identity anymore. I had lost myself and everything was a jumbled mess in my head. Now, I feel more confident with where I am in life and what I am supposed to be doing right now. I am more in tune with myself and I have more control of my thoughts. I feel calmer, and I am more motivated to start my day instead of feeling like there's no point to do anything. I think one of the biggest things I've learned is awareness of my fears and roadblocks and how to navigate them in healthy ways. I feel more content and in control of my life. Having someone provide structure to guide me has been everything. Feeling listened to, understood, and encouraged but not pressured makes all the difference. If you’re thinking of doing a coaching program with Heather, all I can say is, DO IT!"


Meet Molly V.

"Before working with Heather I was struggling with feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, and fatigue. I was having chronic jaw pain had increased and I felt like my life that I once felt in control of, was slipping away from me. In my program I focused on adding good things to nourish my body and my spirit instead of taking things away. Without even knowing it, I had been so focused on what I should or shouldn't do based on societal norms that I wasn't focusing on what I want and need. I've been able to have this shift in mindset that has required work but has made such a difference. Overall, I feel a sense of control over my life again. There will always be challenges that come up in life but through the 1:1 sessions and resources that Heather provided, I know I have the ability to handle them. Heather was able to help guide me through what changes I thought would be beneficial for MY life, instead of telling me what to do and feeling overwhelmed with more items on a to-do list. She helped me shift my mindset on adding in good habits that slowly pushed the bad habits out of the way. I would highly encourage anyone struggling with anxiety or stress to work with Heather!"

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Meet Chelsea P.

"Prior to starting coaching with Heather, I was struggling with chronic fatigue, excessive caffeine intake, stress and anxiety, poor body image, and acid reflux. After finishing Heather's program, I now feel more confident in all aspects of my life.


I used to think "health" was just eating fruits and veggies and working out, but I've come to learn how everything I give to my body and mind can either negatively or positively affect all aspects of my life. Heather really sees each client as a whole and wants to tap into the deep, dark depths of what is causing us to feel how we feel, and then teaches her clients how to fuel our bodies for the better.


Heather is truly one of a kind and there is no one else who is a better health coach or "hype girl" as I like to call her! She has been there for me every step of the way and goes above and beyond the title of 'health coach'."

Meet Erica D.

"Before Heather's program I was struggling with poor sleeping habits and never feeling rested, having feelings of anxiety due to work, and not being able to slow down when at home. My sleep has DRASTICALLY improved! I'm no longer needing to take a handful of sleeping aids. It then helped ease my anxiety and stress levels!


My biggest breakthrough was something I didn’t think would ever happen, nor was it even part of my plan. LETTING GO! My past experience was effecting my life in ways I wasn’t even realizing. Learning techniques that fit for me allowed me to confront the root cause and find the closure and peace I needed for so long.


Now I feel rejuvenated and motivated! I have tools to keep me focused on my goals and keep me on track. I feel empowered! I have learned how to fuel my body and mind; to love myself. With teaching and encouragement from Heather, I found how to use lifestyle health tools in a way that fit what I needed, and having simple goals set each week helped me stay focused and not overwhelmed trying to fix everything at one time.


Whether you are suffering from physical pain, mental roadblocks keeping you from your goals or self happiness, to stress, anxiety or fatigue -  Heather is amazing at pulling out the root cause and giving you all the support and tools you need to help get you where you want to be!"

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Meet Kaylee J.

"Heather is incredible. I first met Heather at a cycle studio. She was the coach for the first cycling class I ever took and from there we just clicked! Two of the biggest struggles I had when I began Heather's coaching program was being able to recognize my feelings and what my body needed, as well as managing work/life balance.

Since finishing her program, I've noticed a new ability to recognize what my body needs and how to care for myself - physically, mentally, and emotionally. I feel like I have developed the skills and resources to not only help me cope with everyday life situations, but within my nursing profession as well. I've learned to not let "what if" statements rule my day. Honestly, this program has really changed my transition into my profession, and my life, for the better!"

Meet Derek P.

"Before I started working with Heather I felt a lot of depression and anxiety every day. I was constantly in a state of survival and I couldn't get through my issues alone or just with books. She helped me dig to the root of my issues and replace those traumas and past experiences that were leaving me feeling helpless, with empowerment and compassion.


I struggled making conversation with other people and had no confidence in myself before this program. I now have been able to make friends in almost every scenario. My self talk has improved so much that I don't let me best myself up about my faults and flaws. I have learned to accept who I am and be empowered by it.


Before her coaching, I was active in doing things that could help (like exercise and attempting journaling/meditation), but now I have true steps and processes that I am following. Because of that I’ve noticed a real decrease in my depression, and I’m able to stay ahead of spiraling, anxious thoughts. I feel respected, valued, and highly cared for in my coaching calls with Heather, and the tools and resources she creates are a powerful benefit to help my healing."

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Meet Lynn B.

"Before beginning Heather’s coaching program, I was having migraines and trouble sleeping. I was letting anxiety and constant worry and fear over the pandemic rule my life. This was taking a toll on my health. I live with a chronic disease Multiple Sclerosis and know how much stress can cause ill effects on my condition. Heather helped me to plan action steps and set goals to help release these fears and find ways to destress.

I now find more value in my relationships with my family and friends and have learned to be more open with my feelings. EVERYONE can benefit from Heather’s coaching. We are all under more stress now than ever before. We find ourselves caring for everyone else but neglect caring for ourselves. We have to learn to love and accept ourselves just as we are before we can love others.


Heather helped me get to the root of my stress and face it head on and as a result I feel as though a weight has been lifted off of me. I’m sleeping so much better and my headaches have decreased!!! I’m discovering new things about myself everyday and I am so THANKFUL to Heather for allowing me to be one of her clients. This has been the best decision I have made for myself. Do yourself a favor, and sign up for this today!!!"

Meet "Jane Doe"

"I started working with Heather to take a new approach to managing my anxiety and depression. This journey was so incredibly insightful. When I first started, I was so harsh on myself and everyday felt dreadful. I can say that after Heather's program I learned so much about myself and learned to love life again. I found things that truly made me happy and learned to let go of things that don't. I created healthy boundaries and listened to what my body needs. Now, I look forward to the next day and the opportunities it has to offer instead of just letting my insecurities take over my mindset. I can’t compare this to anything I’ve done before because it’s so unique, and exactly what I needed to help me find myself again."

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Meet Jennifer F.

"I began Heather’s program really needing a plan and accountability to make both life and health changes. Heather’s energy and heart is SO uplifting and after just a few weeks I noticed improvements in my whole-body health. I now realize my health choices are a gift to myself not just "should do's", I am worthy! I understand who I am better with the tools Heather provided just for me. Heather is an amazing coach with such a caring heart and soul. I am making big changes in measurable and buildable steps not only physically but emotionally, and spiritually. She developed a very tailored plan that was flexible and provided great resources for continuing support. I am so very much looking forward to the next step program to continue my growth for the next few months."

Meet Emily M. 

"Before working with Heather I was struggling with so much in my life. I was dealing with self doubt, a loud inner critic, and couldn’t shake the feeling that life was happening to me and rushing past me. So much has improved since then! I’ve built a strong tool kit to help me through hard moments and days and I’m feeling so much more grounded and centered since the beginning of the program.


I had such a wonderful experience completing my program! Working with Heather was truly the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time. I cannot recommend working with her enough! She has fostered an amazing environment to help my personal growth in our last 8 weeks working together. With her help I was able to successfully build my mindfulness and well-being toolbox. I know she genuinely cares about me as a person, and has the skill set and expertise to help such a wide variety of people!"