My Personal Journey

You might be asking, what does she know? Why does she care?

Appropriately so. And to start, I don't know entirely. I will never know entirely. That's the beauty of being YOU. That's the art of bio-individuality. There is no one single person that is the same, and no one single solution that works for all. Health is not, and cannot be, one size fits all. I am not here to offer you MY solutions. Instead, I am here to help you find YOURS.

But I do care. Immensely.

Vulnerability is key in my coaching programs, so to start, here's a bit about me.

I didn't grow up dreaming of being a business owner, entrepreneur, or even a holistic wellness coach. I always wanted to help others and in a world that rushes fancy degrees and high-end titles, I felt the only way I could do that was through nursing and medicine. I began my career as a registered nurse in 2017 where I specialized in critical care and now, still practicing, in public health. I have always struggled with the current healthcare model, and never truly aligned with how I cared for patients. I always felt called to hold a very different space for others'. One where they could feel heard, valued, and treated as a whole person rather than singling in on the disease process they faced. However, these nagging feelings alone didn't lead me down this path.

As I began my career as a registered nurse, I learned how to put others' needs first while simultaneously neglecting my own. I worked night shift where I settled into a constant state of silent self-sabotage. The moral distress and misalignment in my professional role trickled into my personal one. On top of that it left me with only a few hours of day-lit sleep each week (yes, a few HOURS each WEEK), a nutrient intake somewhere crossed between that of cravings-of-a-toddler and appetite-of-a-bird, a nonexistent exercise regimen (as a Division 1 athlete, this was a massive red flag), and swinging on the most aggressive pendulum of emotions.

As time went on I found myself in shambles, and began facing debilitating physical pain. My skull pounded with never-ending migraines, and my pelvic muscles contracted into what felt like either labor, or solid concrete. I couldn't understand where this pain was coming from, and truthfully was angry at it. For months on end I saw physician after physician, getting scan after scan and, naturally, being placed on medication after medication after being diagnosed with presumed Endometriosis. With each visit I was given a new band-aid approach - a new prescription with a new side effect leading me down a rabbit hole. I didn't know where one symptom ended and where the next began. I felt dismissed, misunderstood, and ultimately, like just another. Just another patient. Another number, another scan, another symptom, another diagnosis. And I never felt more alone than being in a body that ached to its core. Mentally, physically, and emotionally I was a wreck.

The pain I suffered was stealing more than imaginable. I could barely work, sleep, eat, move, and some nights, even being alive felt like one breath too much. I spent my days and nights just trying to get through - finding fetal position in a local break room, or crying into my lavender heating pad in the darkest of hours. I was at my breaking point. I was on nearly 10 different medications, 5 of which for pain, and I actually dreamed of being sliced open on a surgery table out of pure desperate hope for answers and a better treatment plan. The day my physician recommended the "only last solution" as a $4000 monthly hormonal injection that would induce menopause at the age of 25, I was at my wits end.

All in one day, I quit my soul sucking job and (safely) tapered off each and every medication I had been placed on. I was doing things my way. I placed one hand over my heart space, the other over my rising breath and said out loud, "I am here, I love you, I am so sorry I haven't been listening, I am listening now". For the next 6 months I did nothing but listen. I began caring for myself in a way that no medical professional ever chose to. And what I learned turned my life upside down. Nobody ever asked me what my life looked like, or felt like, in terms of: food, air, water, rest, sun, body, career, finances, spirituality, relationships, purpose, or mindset. Nobody ever held this sacred space, and supported me while I navigating these very real, and in my opinion the most vital, components of health. So I did. For myself.

After a long, hard, raw, incredibly transparent, and many times - completely frustrating - journey my pain was finally manageable, and something I actually found purposeful. My pain, stress, tension, and daily overwhelm became my very best friend. My most transparent, and brutally honest, friend. My friend that never held back, and always spoke its' mind. I began loving myself again. Thanking myself again. My light shined again.

And for the first time in a VERY long time, I knew I would be okay.

I figured it out alone because I had to. But I don't want you to. I am here, now, for you. To care for you. To support you. To ask the hard questions, and wade through the even harder answers. To dive deeper than the average 15 minute traditional doctors appointment ending in yet another new prescription. I am your guide, but you are your guru. You know your body better than anyone ever could. And you deserve the loving-kindness and honest nudges I never had.

I dedicate every inch of this space to you.

All my love,

Heather Brittain

Registered Nurse (RN, MSN-PHN)

IAWP Certified Holistic Wellness Coach (in training)

Founder and Owner of Bare Root Health

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