The Complete Purpose Empowerment Program

Are you feeling lost, unclear, and unsupported in your life's purpose?

Do you often ask yourself questions like, "what am I made for?", "is this it?", or "what's next for me?"

Have you achieved everything you once dreamed of, but still find yourself feeling a lack of joy?

Do you feel consumed with anxiety, and dream of knowing what steps lead to REAL happiness?

Are you eager to spend this one precious life of yours thriving instead of surviving, but constantly ruminating over the "how" and the "what"?

This customizable 1:1 coaching program is designed with YOU, exactly where you are, and exactly as you feel, in mind.
This is the ultimate support to minimizing stress, maximizing purpose, and trusting in your life transition when you really want to freak out, eat bon bon's, and numb your feelings with a good, long Instagram/Facebook/Youtube doom scroll (speaking from experience).

Emily B.

"Within just a few weeks of this program, I began feeling more content. I feel way more motivated, and A LOT less guilt. I feel really comfortable with the fact that right now, I might just be where I’m supposed to be. Having someone provide structure to guide me has been everything. Feeling listened to, understood, and encouraged but not pressured makes all the difference. If you’re thinking of doing this coaching program with Heather, all I can say is, DO IT!"

Molly V.

"Without even knowing it, I had been so focused on what I should or shouldn't do based on societal norms that I wasn't focusing on what I want and need. I've been able to have this shift in mindset that has required work but has made such a difference. Overall, I feel a sense of control over my life again. I would highly encourage anyone struggling with anxiety or stress to work with Heather!"

Erika H.

"I had been struggling with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, autoimmune illness, and low self worth for many years, especially since the beginning of COVID. I hadn't been making progress with my therapist and felt like I was at a stand still in terms of personal growth. Now, I feel like I have grown so much mentally, physically, and emotionally. I have learned to reframe my negative thoughts into positives and have more confidence and comfort in who I am. My self worth is not determined by my achievements or how physically demanding my job is, but rather who I am as a person."

This program is for you if you are ready to...

  • Ditch the second-guessing, crippling indecisiveness, and ‘what if’ rabbit hole 

  • Find freedom from self-destructive negative thought loops 

  • Stop comparing your life and journey to the life and journey of others 

  • Let go of perfectionism and rigid expectations 

  • Heal old wounds that have kept you stuck 

  • Uncover your life purpose(s) and passion(s) 

  • Make happiness a habit, let fear fuel you, and experience your life in color

This means by the end of the program you will be...

  • Feeling confident, creative, and completely capable 

  • Exploring life with a fresh perspective and feelings of joy, wonder, optimism, and trust

  • Living and working in ways that light you up 

  • Taking the bold, fearless steps you never thought possible 

  • Thriving instead of surviving

4 Month Program Rooted in Self-Discovery and Exploration

Guided Self-Study Materials

8 x 60 Minute 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions

Support Between Sessions