Yoga at Home


An 8 week 1:1 coaching program rooted in modern Ayurvedic practice and journal therapy to bring you back to the HERE, and NOW.

Your Holistic Guide to mind/body Health & Happiness

Answer the following questions for yourself with complete honesty...


  • Are you tired of feeling like life is passing you by?

  • Do you look back on your day and notice that you don't even remember the turns you took driving, the way the air felt on your skin, or what the person looked like in front of you at the grocery store? 

  • Do you feel like every day you try to do all the “right things”, yet still you’re unhappy or feel unhealthy?

  • Are you chronically exhausted? Is your energy consistently lower than you’d like/need it to be to do the things you love, enjoy, or are obligated to do?

  • Do you wake up during the night, or struggle getting to sleep? Or even… do you fall asleep the MOMENT your head hits a soft surface?

  • Do you frequently experience brain fog, forgetfulness, or feel frustrated with your memory/intellect?

  • Is your digestion off track? Do you spend some or most days bloated, with heartburn, or irregular in bowel movements?

  • Would you describe yourself as anxious, burned out, depressed, or unhappy, more than half of your most recent days?

  • Are you constantly reaching for your phone in moments of stillness, boredom, or awkwardness?

  • Does your mood and discontent impact your relationships?

  • Are you missing out on the things in life that feed your soul?

If you said YES to any one of these, I’m here to tell you:


  1. That’s okay

  2. This is your signal that you deserve change

  3. Welcome home, new friend

Yoga Practice

Identify What Makes You, YOU

In Ayurvedic practice, constitution is the theory that we all fit into a category of mind, body, and personality. Gaining insight into our unique constitution type allows us to recognize what is in imbalance, and tailor or daily choices to suit our needs…

By knowing your individual constitution, you’ll understand new things about yourself for the very first time (ranging from your habits (wanted and unwanted), likes, dislikes, and decisions in nutrition, and movement, to relationships, mindset, and spirituality).

Drinking Coffee

Through 1:1 coaching and guided self-study practice, you'll have all the knowledge and skills to create a life of:


True health and happiness starts with self-exploration & self-compassion.

Discover your individual constitution (a fancy Ayurvedic way of learning what makes you, YOU), so that you can:

Accept, embrace, and find compassion for yourself, exactly as you are

Fully understand your likes, dislikes, and what does/does not positively serve you



Get to the root of your unconscious reactions and mindless habits (ranging from food and movement, to mindset, relationships and spirituality)
so that you can:

Finally let go of what is no longer contributing to health or happiness

Make mental & emotional space for a truly mindful and intentional way of living


Using ancient self care for a modern world, you'll be able to create new routines that suit YOU, and find real, lifelong solutions to your challenge(s) so that you can:

Feel confident leaving this program with daily practices that make you the happiest, healthiest version of you


Fully embrace your place in the world and discover what connects you to a million other souls so that you can:

Take up space, know your worth, and love yourself and others without stress and strain





8 Weeks

It typically takes 2-8 months to implement a new habit and mindset - that's why this 8 week course is PERFECT for anyone just getting started, or looking to hone, a holistic and intentional lifestyle.

guided self-study materials

Don't worry, you'll never be graded! But if you're really serious about your health and well-being, and creating an intentional life, it starts with prioritizing yourself. These simple-guided, and easy-to-follow self-study materials allow you to self-discover on your own time, at your own pace so you never feel pressured, but always feel supported.

4 x 60 minute personalized 1:1 coaching sessions

The materials of this course are really just an added bonus - the real tried-and-true value of this program rests in the unique and personalized support you get in bimonthly 60 minute calls. With real support, guidance, and accountability you can be SURE you'll reach your goals. Afraid this feels overwhelming? Don't worry - these sessions are self-scheduled to support a busy lifestyle - reducing your overwhelm while doing the work!

Continued support

Beyond the 8 weeks of personalized support and daily accountability, I'm your hype girl for life.

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Mindfulness Meditation and Breathwork Bank ($300 value)



Personal Growth Journal Prompt Vault ($100 value).

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