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Most Common Questions


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There’s a lot of preconceived notions about what a wellness coach does.

And that’s why I want to take a moment to really define, and maybe re-define, what it means to have ME as your holistic wellness coach.

Here’s an FAQ filled with typical, and VERY logical, questions I find myself answering throughout the day about what is entailed my practice.

Q. Who is Heather’s life and wellness coaching for?

My life and wellness coaching is for any human being who’s currently meeting challenges that affect their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. If you find yourself answering YES to any of these questions below, you’re an excellent candidate for my wellness coaching.

  • Are you tired of feeling like life is “just happening to you”?

  • Do you feel like every day you try to do all the “right things”, yet still you’re unhappy or feel unhealthy?

  • Is your energy consistently lower than you’d like/need it to be to do the things you love, enjoy, or are obligated to do?

  • Do you frequently experience brain fog, forgetfulness, or feel frustrated with your memory/intellect?

  • Do you struggle with cravings (whether it be food, alcohol, drugs, social media, etc)?

  • Would you describe yourself as anxious, burned out, depressed, or unhappy, more than half of your most recent days?

  • Are you constantly reaching for your phone in moments of stillness, boredom, or awkwardness?

  • Does your mood and discontent impact your relationships?

  • Do you constantly think, "is this all there is to life?"

Q. What does it mean to have a coach?

While highly dependent on the coach you're seeking, I can really only express what it means to have ME as your coach. Because, well, it would be rude to speak someone else's practice or philosophy for them. When you have me in your corner you have the ultimate hype girl. It means we both show up for one another every week (or how often works best for you and your goals/challenges), and take deep dives with me as your guide, you as the guru. To have a coach is to have: accountability, consistency, celebration (plus or minus a few setbacks that bring us to this celebration), and a non-biased, trustworthy, vulnerable connection with me but, also (and more importantly) with YOURSELF.

(Read more about my coaching philosophy here)

Q. What’s the difference between a health coach and a wellness coach?

As a master prepared registered nurse, IAWP Certified Master Holistic Wellness Coach, and HCA Registered Health Coach, my focus and education in wellness coaching is in helping you develop creative solutions to sustainable and healthy habit change rooted in mindfulness. I see each client I work with as a WHOLE person, and recognize that challenges in one area of wellness are not independent of that in another area. For example, weight gain is a far deeper challenge than simply not eating or exercising right. Our challenges are rooted in MANY elements including mindset, relationships, purpose, finances, career, spirituality, body, air, sun, sleep, water, etc. It is my duty as your guide, and as your wellness coach, to help you unravel and understand where your challenge(s) is/are arising from so that you can FINALLY and TRULY create a healthy and meaningful life (all around!!) for you!

FYI: You'll be VERY surprised to find out your challenges and solutions are rooted in something entirely unexpected.

Q. What’s the difference between a wellness coach and a therapist?

In some respects, the two roles can look a lot alike. I'll preface this that while I am a registered nurse, a certified master holistic wellness coach, and pride myself in advancing my coaching education in neurolinguistic programming, journaling, mindful meditation, embodied movement, and value exploration, I am NOT a licensed mental health professional. If you are looking to unravel deep trauma, feeling harm to self or others, or are experiencing significant mental health challenges, I would highly encourage seeking a therapist for work either independent of coaching or congruent with.

As a coach, I ask a lot of powerful questions that require you to reflect and challenge your current discomfort/resistance. The premise of my coaching is getting to the ROOT of your struggles. This isn't wildly different from talk therapy. But then, together, we create a plan for one (or more) small shift(s) that can be implemented in YOUR life, RIGHT away. Blending my expertise in coaching, wellness, and therapeutic interventions; and your expertise in, well, YOU, we work together to determine what it is that ONE next step that will create sustainable and long-term change.

With coaching you get self-exploration, daily accountability, and a lifetime toolkit of interventions that are curated for just you.

Q. What does a coaching program look like?

Every program will look different depending on your current challenges and goals, and if you're interested in the life coaching or wellness coaching track. All of my programs are currently virtual (zoom led), and offer meeting either once per week, or once every other week. I ensure my programs are flexible enough to make things YOUR way (and not overwhelm the overwhelm), but structured enough so you stay on track and see consistent progress. I offer different levels of support ranging from a one-time no-commit consultation call to my high level 2-6 month 1:1 programs including my most in-depth coaching calls and best resources/support. It's really up to you what you want your journey to look and feel like. Remember - you're the guru here.

Q. What's the benefit?

I would never encourage anyone have a coach if I didn't consistently have coaches of my own. So first and foremost, trust that you are not alone in this really beautiful, but sometimes intimidating, process.

Having a coach means you can't give up on yourself. And when you choose not to give up on yourself - especially in time of transition - the possibilities are endless. But I don't want to speak for my clients. So here's a few benefits they've compiled personally:

  • a sense of self-worth and true purpose/passion both in and beyond role/title/career

  • healthy work/life boundaries

  • better sleeping and eating habits

  • decreased anxiety, depression, and irritability

  • deepened self-compassion and self-love

  • more rest, less guilt

  • the ability to prioritize and communicate wants and needs + healthier relationships

  • more positive thinking and healthy rewiring of negative thoughts

  • feeling more confident and less fearful personally and professionally

  • more mindful habits, less mindless ones

  • less physical pain and illness

  • feeling rejuvenated and motivated

  • Ability to process big feelings instead of sabotaged by them

Be sure to check out more of what my clients are saying by scrolling their testimonials under the tab "kind words".

Q. Is there anyone who Heather's coaching isn't for?

My wellness and life coaching can benefit ANYone. But it’s not for EVERYone.

My coaching might NOT be for you -

If you are looking for a quick-fix solution or band-aid approach.

It’s no secret that I don’t believe in cover-up wellness. I don’t sell tummy tea or write you a health plan that would/could never actually stick. What you learn from wellness coaching is for a LIFETIME. And, as you can imagine, that in itself takes time to navigate, discover, and formulate.

If you want the exact same solution as someone/everyone else.

My wellness coaching is about YOU. And YOU are NOT anyone else. None of my clients experience the exact same solutions. “How-To” guides will only get you so far before life ebbs and flows and they no longer work for you as they did for Lisa down the street. I LOVE that you are unlike anyone else. And my coaching programs are committed to ensuring that you begin to love that about you, too.

If you’re looking for someone to give you the answers.

As your guide, and your coach, it is my duty to listen to you, validate you, and challenge you. I help you create self-trust, self-compassion, self-confidence, and finally (for maybe the first time ever) BELIEVE and SEE that you don’t need all the answers from anyone else. YOU have them. How? Well… that’s for you to discover for yourself in our work together!


If you expect your coach to do all the work, and you to get all the benefits.

Together, week by week, we will take deep dives to discover what it is you need. But this space takes work from BOTH of us. It’s a shared effort. If you are not willing to be honest, to be vulnerable, to remain curious, or to act on any of the steps (that we’ve created together) outside of your session, you simply won’t get what you’re looking for. My clients that commit to themselves and this journey 100% see OUT OF THIS WORLD transformation. But that’s not because they sat back and it just happened to them.

You don’t believe it’s worth an investment.

I have flexible payment plan options to help my clients that have tighter finances - because I want this to be accessible. But an investment in my coaching is about more than money. By investing in your well-being you are also saying YES to also investing your time, your energy, and your feelings. THAT is the real investment. And THAT is where true transformation begins.

You need someone else to see the value in it before you do it.

Support is INCREDIBLY important in this journey. I believe fully that your best support systems (partners, friends, family, etc) should be aware of what you’re doing. As I mentioned, this takes work outside of our sessions, and healthy changes for you will occur that you may need to communicate. But if you are waiting for someone else to approve what you feel you need, then you may not feel you truly need it after all. Nobody else is having the human experience that you are. Nobody faces the same challenges or requires the same solutions. Trying to convince someone what YOU need when they do NOT need that same thing will 9 times out of 10 remain misunderstood and only keep you from what could be. Trusting yourself starts here.

You're waiting for the perfect time start.

There is no perfect time. If your reason for not pursuing wellness coaching is because you are too busy, too stressed, too overwhelmed, or facing too many challenges right now - that's HOW I support best, and WHEN you need support most. Trust that there will be no perfect time, and now could be the only time.

Disclaimer: there is such thing as working with too many healing modalities at once. If you are beginning a new practice with multiple practitioners/coaches/specialists, I encourage determining when best this could be prioritized to get the true benefit.