Welcome! My name is Heather Brittain, owner and founder of Bare Root Health LLC and your biggest holistic health, lifestyle medicine, and purpose empowerment hype girl.


Let's be honest, hiring a coach is an investment in many ways and committing to true mind/body health transformation doesn't come overnight. I always think it's incredibly important that my clients do their research when choosing who to let into this sacred space of change. That's why I want you to feel comfortable in knowing exactly who I am, how I'm qualified, and why I feel confident in the support I offer.

How I Got Here

The cliff-note's version...

Simply put, I've been there. Not where you've been, of course. Only YOU have been there. That's what makes you strong, beautiful, capable, and... well... YOU. But I've battled dark, tiring days.

I always knew I wanted to help others intentionally and holistically. At 18 years old, I didn’t know what that meant, or where to find that. So, I followed the path that was paved. I met societal expectations. I fit into a box. The noble, heroic, and “passionate” path of nursing. I tried so hard to fit in my box. To value my work. To be everything to everyone in their most painful life moments and love every ounce of it.

To my dismay, I never molded to fit my box. I felt wildly misaligned, personally and professionally, to the point I dreaded every waking day. I didn’t know who I was – or who I was supposed to be. As an ex-division one athlete and raging perfectionist, it felt both terrifying and unacceptable to not have answers about who I was, or where I fit. It affected my eating habits, my sleeping habits, my relationships and connections, my mindset, and ultimately - my sense of self-worth. I lived in inner turmoil and constant conflict until it led to severe physical pain and recurrent illness.

It was when my body started speaking (screaming rather) that I knew I needed a shift. I knew I needed change. A new solution. A new approach. An approach that only fit me and my life. Not a blanket solution. Not a linear course. Not anything a school counselor, nurse educator, or yet another higher degree could carve for me.

It wasn’t until I trusted my intuition, stepped out of my comfort zone, created intentional space, and committed to true 360-degree wellness that I created a healthy and passion-fueled life. One of everlasting creativity, joy, and fulfillment.

A deeply introspective journey of my own coupled with specialized training in holistic health, wellness, and purpose empowerment, and here I am... passionate about that REAL support you're seeking.

If you’re feeling like there’s more to this life for you in health and happiness - there is.

And TRUST ME when I (and hundreds of others I've helped) say, it’s waiting for you.

Have some time?? You can hear more about me, my story, and my personal/professional transition in this 60 minute podcast interview with Amanda Guarniere on Nurse Becoming (NOPE - ya don't even have to be a nurse to enjoy!)

My Training

I always knew I wanted to serve others in an intentional and holistic manner, but it took some time to follow my heart, find my voice, and gain the perfect blend of education and experience in order to do so. Aside from being a practicing registered nurse with my Masters of Science in Nursing (a concentration in Public and Global Health Nursing), I have also received my Master Holistic Wellness Coaching Certification and Virtual Coach Certification from the renown International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP), as well as becoming a Registered Health Coach through the Health Coaching Alliance (HCA).

I believe in health in it's deepest form - or maybe even... it's "barest root". As a registered nurse and recurrent patient in my earliest adulthood, I recognized massive gaps in what is considered "health" care today. I believe true health, true wellness, and a meaningful human existence comes from a healthy blend of both modern and traditional medicine, but even more-so from self-discovery, self-awareness, and the lifestyle shifts that suit our own unique needs.

Aside from the lifestyle and mindfulness coaching I do here, I also find intense passion in being a fitness instructor, yoga teacher in training, and breathwork and meditation teacher. Making others feel loved, valued, and understood is my greatest purpose and I am intentional about acting on it in any way that I can.

The IAWP spoke to everything I believe in as it relates to health, wellness, and coaching clients to their own success.

Through the IAWP, I received evidence-based and in-depth training in the 12 elements of health (a 360 degree approach to wellness) and learned the true foundation to supporting clients and providing the most professional level of accountability in order to create the lasting change they desire. The IAWP is recognized world-wide due to their commitment to holistic wellness coaches in training. Additionally, the program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (the international gold standard in training accreditation), the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, the Canadian Health Coach Alliance, and has been approved by the UK Health Coaches Association. 

Interested in becoming a wellness coach yourself? Take a peak at the IAWP's Holistic Wellness Coach Career Kit!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.