Meet Heather

Master Prepared Registered Nurse, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, and Human Being Passionate about Human BEING


Are you...

Feeling generally unhealthy, unhappy, or unfulfilled more than half of your waking days?

Stuck in a rut with health & happiness but not sure where to go, or what to do, next?


Feeling like you can never meet your own expectations no matter the degree, career, or "role" upgrade?

Constantly thinking... "is this all there is" or "there has to be more to life"?

Sick of being stuck in either the past, the future, or your technology and feeling like you can never be truly present in your day to day?

Worn down, burnt out, and ready to commit to whole body & mind health and happiness to THRIVE instead of just SURVIVE?


If yes to any of the above, then hot diggity dog I am SO glad you're here!

Simply put, I've been there. Not where you've been, of course. Only YOU have been there. That's what makes you strong, beautiful, capable, and... well... YOU. But I've battled dark, tiring days.

I always knew I wanted to help others intentionally and holistically. At 18 years old, I didn’t know what that meant, or where to find that. So, I followed the path that was paved. I met societal expectations. I fit into a box. The noble, heroic, and “passionate” path of nursing. I tried so hard to fit in my box. To value my work. To be everything to everyone in their most painful life moments and love every ounce of it.

To my dismay, I never molded to fit my box. I felt wildly misaligned, personally and professionally, to the point I dreaded every waking day. I didn’t know who I was – or who I was supposed to be. As an ex-division one athlete and raging perfectionist, it felt both terrifying and unacceptable to not have answers about who I was, or where I fit. It affected my eating habits, my sleeping habits, my relationships and connections, my mindset, and ultimately - my sense of self-worth. I lived in inner turmoil and constant conflict until it led to severe physical pain and recurrent illness.

It was when my body started speaking (screaming rather) that I knew I needed a shift. I knew I needed change. A new solution. A new approach. An approach that only fit me and my life. Not a blanket solution. Not a linear course. Not anything a school counselor, nurse educator, or yet another higher degree could carve for me.

It wasn’t until I trusted my intuition, stepped out of my comfort zone, created intentional space, and committed to true self-growth that I created a passion-fueled life. One of everlasting creativity, joy, and fulfillment.

A deeply introspective journey of my own coupled with specialized training in women's holistic health, wellness, and purpose empowerment, and here I am... passionate about that REAL support you're seeking.

If you’re feeling like there’s more to this life for you - there is.

And TRUST ME when I say, it’s been waiting for you.

What I Specialize In

Journal Therapy

Journal Therapy

Inner Critic and Fear-Based Thinking

Embodied Movement & Meditation

Passion, Purpose, and Personal Value Exploration

Writing on a Notebook
Wellness Coach
Happy Coffee
Wellness Coach

Ready to step into the healthiest, happiest, and most passion-fueled season of your life?

I had been struggling with anxiety, depression, and low self worth for many years, especially since the beginning of COVID. I hadn't been making progress with my therapist and felt like I was at a stand still in terms of personal growth. I feel like I have grown so much mentally, physically, and emotionally. I have learned to reframe my negative thoughts into positives and have more confidence and comfort in who I am. My self worth is not determined by my achievements or how physically demanding my job is, but rather who I am as a person, without the scrubs or the stethoscope.

Before working with Heather I was struggling with feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, and fatigue. I was having chronic jaw pain had increased and I felt like my life that I once felt in control of, was slipping away from me. In my program I focused on adding good things to nourish my body and my spirit instead of taking things away. Without even knowing it, I had been so focused on what I should or shouldn't do based on societal norms that I wasn't focusing on what I want and need. I've been able to have this shift in mindset that has required work but has made such a difference. I finally feel a sense of control over my life again.

Before working with Heather I was struggling with a lack of purpose and direction. I was feeling unsure about my career and really anxious about my future. Within just a few weeks, I began feeling more content. The biggest change is that now I feel way more motivated. I was feeling stuck, “blah”, and uninterested and this is the push I needed. Now, when there’s times I’m not sure where I’m headed, I feel less guilt. I feel more comfortable with the fact that right now, I might just be where I’m supposed to be.

Self Care & Mindset Mastery